Which handbag is trendier?

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1st PRADA Large Embossed Leather Pocket Tote won 53 of 74 comparisons
2nd CHANEL Vintage Classic 2.55 Quilted Bag won 45 of 63 comparisons
3rd HERMES Vintage Crocodile Birkin Handbag won 47 of 68 comparisons
4th LOUIS VUITTON Large Leather Hobo Handbag won 47 of 70 comparisons
5th LOUIS VUITTON Aima MM Handbag won 55 of 87 comparisons
6th HERMES Vintage Crocodile Kelly Handbag won 37 of 60 comparisons
7th JIMMY CHOO Studded Leather Tote won 44 of 73 comparisons
8th CHANEL Leather Flap Handbag won 36 of 62 comparisons
9th LOUIS VUITTON Melrose Avenue Handbag won 39 of 68 comparisons
10th HERMES Vintage Gold Vachette Grainee Bolide won 30 of 55 comparisons
11th VALENTINO Rouches Napa Hobo Handbag won 41 of 76 comparisons
12th CHANEL Mademoiselle Double Pocket Flap Handbag won 40 of 76 comparisons
13th GUCCI Jungle Large Hobo Handbag won 36 of 70 comparisons
14th PRADA Large Nappa Leather Tote won 37 of 73 comparisons
15th HERMES Vintage Lizard Constance Handbag won 29 of 59 comparisons
16th CHANEL Leather Tote won 32 of 67 comparisons
17th CHLOE 'Paraty' Medium Python Shopping Tote won 31 of 65 comparisons
18th CHANEL 'Madison' Patent Evening Handbag won 34 of 75 comparisons
19th HERMES Vintage 'LE Trim' Shoulder Bag won 31 of 70 comparisons
20th CHANEL Floral Classic Flab Handbag won 27 of 65 comparisons
21st CHANEL Box Bag Clutch won 31 of 76 comparisons
22nd JUDITH LEIBER Crocodile Blaze Evening Handbag won 24 of 68 comparisons
23rd GUCCI Large 'Techno Horsebit' Shoulder Flap Handbag won 26 of 75 comparisons
24th CHILOE 'Marcie' New Medium Python Shoulder Handbag won 20 of 60 comparisons
25th LOUIS VUITTON Limited Edition 'Heartbreak' Monogram Jakes Tote won 20 of 66 comparisons
26th LOUIS VUITTON Limited Edition Monogram Bulles MM Handbag won 17 of 64 comparisons
27th CHANEL Paris London Calfskin Tote won 14 of 61 comparisons